We specialize in broad coverages for churches and non-profits

  • Animal Related
  • Arts, Culture, & Humanities
  • Clubs, Associations, & Community Services
  • Counseling & Treatment Services
  • Education, Daycare, & Vocational
  • Employment Related
  • Environmental PRotection & Beautification
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Foundations
  • Religious Related/Missions & Retreat Facilities
  • Shelters, Childrens Homes, Safehouses
  • Recreational Facilities, Camps, & Fitness Centers

Our group of companies can provide some of the most comprehensive coverages currently available to churches and non-profits. Let us help you identify areas of of exposure and provide direction to safeguard your unique industry.  We understand that great responsibility has been entrusted to the directors and officers that manage your church, ministry, or organization. In additon to broad coverages, our companies can provide risk management to minimize losses that can cause potential damage to your organizations and protect and guidance in many areas that greatly affect the way your ministry or organization.  

Safeguard your ministry or non-profit

  • Building Coverage
  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Personal Property
  • Counseling Professional
  • Directors and Officers
  • Data Compromise and Identity Restoration
  • Commercial Auto